The 100 Squat Challenge

I should really name this the “How To Get a Better Ass” challenge because that is exactly what it’s going to do.  If you ever said my ass is too jiggly or I have no ass, this challenge will help.

I made this to do at home with minimal equipment.  And by minimal I mean you have everything you need if you have 1) a chair and 2) something that weighs around 10 lbs (A full gallon of milk weighs 8+ lbs).  

I also created videos for all the squat variations which can be found below.  As you will see, I used my dog as my 10 pound weight.  His name is Taco btw and handsome AF.

What You Need To Do:

  1. So right now you need to download the calendar I made specifically for you.  You feel special don’t you?  This calendar will tell you which squat variation to do on which day and for how many reps.  Put this calendar on your fridge, TV or your forehead if you need to.  Somewhere you see everyday.  Here is the calendar: 30 Day Squat Challenge
  2. Watch the videos below so you know what the hell a squat jack looks like.  Feel free to watch these videos as many times as you need.  I went a little fancy in the video editing department.
  3. Comment below letting everyone know your in for making your ass better.  All you need is an email to comment.
  4. Tell a friend.  Having someone to complain to that is involved in what your doing will help keep you more accountable and more involved with the community.  
  5. Squat!

Yes, on the last day you will be doing 100 normal squats.  I know that sounds like a redonkulous number now, but I designed the program to get you there.   

I will be posting my squats everyday on Twitter and Instagram as well as commenting here.


Normal Squat

Normal Squat With Weight

Sumo Squat

Sumo Squat With Weight

Single Leg Squat

Wall Sit

Squat Jack

Prisoner Squat

Split Squat

9 thoughts on “The 100 Squat Challenge

  1. Lol I put it out on Thursday because no one starts anything on a Thursday. They always wait until Monday. But in reality, if they start today by Monday they will already be on Day 5. But no one thinks like that, its always “I’ll start Monday. I want to enjoy one last weekend.” My goal is for people to take action.

  2. Day 2 in the books. I think I’m going to start doing it with a bar to up the ante. Plus I haven’t squatted in 2 years so I have some catching up to do.

  3. tru dat! best change you can make is to stop telling yourself “Monday”…. I like the thinking… just dont like it came the day after testing my 1RM on squats lol

  4. I was thinking the same thing. I’m going to be adding weight where I can and for the weighted days I’m going heavier. What were you thinking?

  5. Day 6 down. I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday’s day off. Quitting because your legs are sore will not make them feel better. By working the lactic acid out of your muscles by moving will help ease your pain more. The goal of this is to move yourself out of your comfort zone. That’s where the magic happens.

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