Workout Smarter

God love our way of life where more is better. More money, more food, more house, more reps and more weights. Why would I do only 3 sets when I can do 5 or 6 for 10 reps. More reps= more gainz bro. Why stop training when I have some gas in the tank, I … Read more

Dropping Knowledge About Creatine

The things I’ve heard about creatine over the years has been somewhat comical. People might call it “Broscience” but the information I’ve heard is less than that.  Putting it lightly, I’d say there opinions have as much creditability as the National Enquirer had about batboy. Just as an FYI, I’m dropping some knowledge here. Prepare … Read more

5 Reasons To Get Kids Involved In Fitness

What is safer for children? Strength training or watching TV? Some might argue that watching TV is safer because the child isn’t moving and risking injury. However, studies show that strength training, when done under qualified supervision and appropriately sized workout equipment, can provide immediate and long-term positive effects. So how young are we talking … Read more

Work your way to Goals.

What do Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant all have in common? Besides being arguably the best in their respective sports and eras, all these guys weren’t afraid to put the work in and they had realistic goals. These guys would work tirelessly to reach their goal of being the best. Most … Read more