Work your way to Goals.

What do Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant all have in common? Besides being arguably the best in their respective sports and eras, all these guys weren’t afraid to put the work in and they had realistic goals. These guys would work tirelessly to reach their goal of being the best. Most … Read more

What Supplements Should I Take?

“What are you taking?” I get asked this a lot no matter where I am. I think everyone is hoping I’m taking some super secret supplement that could burn fat, build muscle and give me the testosterone of a teenager without doing anything.   Where is the fun in that? I tell them what I am … Read more

The Booty Workout

This week I’d like to give away what every guy likes and what every girl wants….the booty. Guys don’t sleep on this workout. Bo Jackson spoke at a NSCA conference and attributed all his athletic success to his booty. If the kinesiology of how the booty plays an important role in everything didn’t get you … Read more

The Athlete and the Injury

We’ve all seen it. Our favorite athlete, fantasy stud or ourselves falling victim to the injury bug. It is almost a fact of life that at one point or another we all will have some injury through physical activity. Most of the time it’s a sprained ankle or a strained muscle where a little rest … Read more