Accelerated Fat Loss

There is a saying “Summer bodies are built in the winter”.  For me that’s too long, let’s try to make summer bodies in the spring. Over the summer I came out with a post What’s the best diet for me? where I went over a couple of the most popular diets out there now and … Read more

What is IF?


Think hanging out with friends and being on a diet are mutually exclusive?  You obviously haven’t tried Intermittent Fasting (IF).   There’s no debating that eating and social situations go hand in hand.  Food brings people together.     As we get older, hanging out with friends becomes more and more infrequent.  Don’t be that … Read more

Dropping Knowledge About Creatine

The things I’ve heard about creatine over the years has been somewhat comical. People might call it “Broscience” but the information I’ve heard is less than that.  Putting it lightly, I’d say there opinions have as much creditability as the National Enquirer had about batboy. Just as an FYI, I’m dropping some knowledge here. Prepare … Read more

What Supplements Should I Take?

“What are you taking?” I get asked this a lot no matter where I am. I think everyone is hoping I’m taking some super secret supplement that could burn fat, build muscle and give me the testosterone of a teenager without doing anything.   Where is the fun in that? I tell them what I am … Read more