Why Planet Fitness Really Grinds My Gears

  I am by no means a meathead, I don’t think.  I incorporate actual research into my workouts and nutrition, not bro-science. I think of myself as an educated individual that takes my scientific background and applies it to the gym. I am a firm believer in the fundamentals.  That is why I am a … Read more

What is IF?


Think hanging out with friends and being on a diet are mutually exclusive?  You obviously haven’t tried Intermittent Fasting (IF).   There’s no debating that eating and social situations go hand in hand.  Food brings people together.     As we get older, hanging out with friends becomes more and more infrequent.  Don’t be that … Read more

Who needs a Personal Trainer? Part 1: Never Plateau Again!

  Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for someone to program your workouts? Wouldn’t you rather learn the information yourself, program your own workouts and save yourself lots of money? If you do, then I welcome you to part 1 of the 6 part series on getting rid of the need for a personal … Read more

20 Life Lessons I learned from the gym

Slow and steady wins the race  Ask anyone from successful entrepreneurs to professional bodybuilders, small-calculated risks over time can lead to exponential success. Big leaps rarely result in success. Success is built on incremental gains. Use your head Think before you leap. Make the best decision with the information you have. Which leads me to … Read more